We’re Banks Brothers!

 We’re Banks Brothers, and we’re elevating the world of wine, one can, one glass, and one occasion at a time. Not everything comes in the package you expect and our premium canned wine is proof. So screw the cork and embrace the can!

Our Story

We’re James and Tommy Banks, two brothers from Yorkshire who are restaurateurs by day and wine fanatics by night. Our passion for wine grew from working behind the bar at our family pub to importing bottles of fine wines for our restaurants, The Black Swan and Roots, building great relationships with small vineyards all over the world along the way.

Understanding our wines

For us, it’s ALL about putting flavour first. We only put the best juice in our cans, sourcing amazing wine from like-minded people. Banks Brothers’ first release of wines are from South Africa. We chose this wine-growing region for a number of reasons…