Our Story

Now then, we’re James and Tommy Banks, two brothers from Yorkshire who are restaurateurs by day and wine fanatics by night.

Our passion for wine grew from working behind the bar at our family pub to importing bottles of fine wines for our restaurants, The Black Swan and Roots, building great relationships with small vineyards all over the world along the way.

The wine world can seem ‘stuffy,’ and that’s just not our vibe. We’re here to shake things up, making wine-drinking more approachable, less pretentious, and better for the planet, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

So, in a bid to inspire those adventurous drinkers out there we decided to launch Banks Brothers, our very own range of canned wine.

For us, it’s ALL about putting flavour first. We only put the best juice in our cans, sourcing amazing wine from like-minded people.

But why canned?

This is a wine drinking rebellion. Cans are the future, and we’re ready to be the leaders of that revolution.

By canning our wine, we are offering a more sustainable option that is better for our planet.

Plus, the wine stays fresher, it’s easier to cool, there’s less wastage, cans are infinitely more recyclable, and have a lower carbon footprint than glass bottles.

We’re perfect for on-the-go tipples, outdoor occasions where glass is a no-go or those who just want a glass without opening a bottle. And of course, we’re for those moments when you just want a sip of something good.

What’s more, by canning our wine, we’re able to release limited-edition batches, giving you the opportunity to try something new, all while supporting smaller growers around the world, who are just as passionate about quality as we are.

Banks Brothers is simply delicious, unintimidating wine for anyone who cares about what they’re drinking.