Our Wine

For us, it’s ALL about putting flavour first. We only put the best juice in our cans, sourcing amazing wine from like-minded people.

Banks Brothers’ first release of wines are from South Africa. We chose this wine growing region for a number of reasons.

Firstly, these vineyards make some of the best wine in the world, wine that we have been serving in our restaurants for many years. Secondly, we have brilliant relationships, with great, smaller producers in that area, having worked with them already for a number of years.

But most importantly, we’re aware of how much the South African wine industry has been affected by the pandemic.

Coming out of a series of lockdowns with strict alcohol bans, the South African wine industry has suffered. The first release of Banks Brothers wine showcases South African wine at its finest, from brilliant winemakers who we’re proud to support and work with.

Wine Glossary

Don’t know your oaked from your unoaked? Baffled when someone talks about mouthfeel, or acidity? Does your head spin when someone asks you what you smell on the nose?

We hear you!

Drinking, and talking about, wine shouldn’t be intimidating – and we’re here not just to provide excellent juice in a can, but to educate you about the wonderful world of wine, too.

Head to our wine glossary for an A-Z guide of useful wine terminology.